Should You Hire an Interior Designer or Do It Yourself…?


Screenshot 2015-02-11 18.35.38If you haven’t worked with an interior designer before and you have a space you want to redo you may be wondering if you need a designer or can go it alone. When asked this, I tell people that there are some projects where it makes perfect sense to do it on your own, but other times, you should definitely get a professional designer on board.

So how can you know when it’s in your best interest to hire someone and when you should go for your redesign on your own? Take a look at my newest Design Coach Tips Video and I’ll share the real-life pros and cons of working with a designer on a project.


Hopefully you got some clarity watching the video. Now take a look at this checklist to help you confirm you’re making the right choice. Check the answers that best reflect your situation.


I don’t need to hire an interior designer because:

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person – if I don’t know how to do it I’ll figure it out.

I love the idea of being creative with my design and letting my personal artistic flair show.

The money I’ll save on design fees are worth the extra time I’ll spend on the project.

I’m ready to tackle the real life version (not the HGTV version) of a redecorating project.

I’ve got the patience, time, good organization and planning skills to see this project to the end.


I do need to hire a designer because:

I don’t have time to look for furniture, coordinate deliveries, install items, find and oversee people who might be working on the project (like painters, carpenters etc.).

I need to renovate and/or reconfigure my home (like moving walls, adding windows, do a kitchen or bath remodel).

I have no idea where to even start with a redesign. The project feels overwhelming and It won’t get done if I’m feeling this way.

I want it to look good but I hate dealing with the details (There’s no reason to suffer through a process that you don’t enjoy. Save your energy for the things you do enjoy.)


Wherever you checked more, well, there’s your answer.  Now what if you want to give it a try but you’re afraid of making an expensive mistake? Or maybe you have some great ideas but you’re not quite sure you can pull it all together.

There is a third option… working with a design coach!

A lot of interior designers don’t want to share their secrets but that’s never been my approach. When working with clients what I enjoy most is coaching them through the design process. I loved that “Aha” moment when they discover that they can come up with a great design concept – even if they never though they had a “feel for design” or “spatial sense”.

I’ve distilled what I’ve learned over the years into a step-by-step system I use with my own design clients. When I realized other people could benefit from learning a system to transform their own spaces, I created this online program that’s truly the first of its kind. Learn more about The Room Makeover Solution and let me know what you think! I can’t wait to hear about your “Aha” moment!

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