What’s the Design Coach Series?

Developed by a working interior designer and home renovator, we provide courses that combine our insider knowledge with step-by-step practical systems to help you succeed  (on time, on budget and brilliantly!) with your home decoration and improvement projects. 


What kinds of programs do you have?

Our first course, The Room Makeover Solution, has gone live and you can find out more information here.  Not quite ready? How about a free copy of  “10 Steps to your Perfect Room Makeover”, a step-by-step guide to getting from your idea board to your ideal room. Just click here to find out how.


Can’t I just get all the same info from the internet?

Yes, only you can get too much information. We’ve distilled so you just what you need –  the valuable nuggets of information that will make your project a success — without having to sort through the rest. 

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